The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018OK, I’m playing fast and loose with the word “approved”, but I think you’ll find these link building methods pretty sound. Not all SEOs agree with these techniques, but I do. They are not “blackhat” by any stretch. They will build you good, solid links, but they each do require a time commitment and a budget. However, all things considered, they are less expensive than the most popular link building methods – so I guess you could say that’s a positive. for 2018.

I am going to talk about 3 types of relevant link building but, I highly recommend that a blended approach is taken to build trust over a period of time. This chart explains the approach better:

It’s not original. I’ve discussed all of these methods before. But this blog post by Michael Martinez is what prompted today’s post. I can’t vouch for the Fantomaster service he reviews here in this article, but I can vouch for the three link building methods as proven. Here they are in reverse order:

Article Distribution – You don’t necessarily need a subscription service to succeed at article marketing. But articles do build good, solid links. If you can write and submit 10 articles a day, more power to you. If you can only do 5 a day then that’s OK too. The important thing is that you write and submit articles as often as you can. Articles build links, period.

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Blogging – Yes, blogging builds links. But the way it is taught by most gurus, you wouldn’t think so. That’s why most people only use one blog, and don’t do that very consistently. Nevertheless, multiple blogs building links to one site can help that site tremendously over time. You can build good, solid links from multiple blogs. But take this to heart: Put all of your blogs on different IP blocks (ie completely different web hosts) and build links to your website from each of them. You’ll get a real good solid link base.

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Microsites – Microsites are, for some reason, quite controversial. Not all SEOs like them. They aren’t, however, “spammy” as some SEOs will accuse them of being, especially if you do them correctly. And they can build you some good quality links.

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I don’t endorse all forms of linkbuilding, but I do use – and encourage others to use – these three methods. They work. They’re acceptable from a search engine perspective. And they’re ethical.

Premium WordPress Themes – Link Diversity

It takes time to build links. But if you’re going to do it then you might as well do it right. Build your links with diversity in mind.

But what exactly is link diversity?

Link diversity is link building that incorporates a multi-faceted approach to building links so that inbound links to your website come from a variety of sources with a variety of PageRank authority and high amount of relevance. It’s true that high authority sites within your niche that are aged will send you better link juice than low authority new upstart websites that are not relevant. But why turn down a good link juice because it’s worth a nickel and not a quarter?

There are several ways to go about link building. You shouldn’t limit yourself to just one way. In order to build a diverse portfolio of links, you need to expand your horizons beyond directory submissions and article marketing. Yes, you should include those in your strategy, but don’t limit yourself to them. Get creative.

Some other ways you can build links back to your website include:

  • Posting in forums
  • Commenting on blogs
  • Online press release campaign
  • Being a guest blogger
  • Social bookmarking
  • Setting up social networking profiles
  • Industry association memberships
  • Getting your website reviewed
  • Getting your book or other product reviewed
  • Offering a testimonial to another site owner you’ve done business with

And I’m sure you can think of plenty more on your own. Don’t just settle for one method of link building. Diversify!

Are Your Links Natural Or Just Look That Way?

Are you busy trying to make your links look natural? Have you hired an search engine optimization company that sold you on a link building plan based on making your links appear natural? If so, fire them. Your links should not appear natural. They should be natural.

It happens all the time. Some new web entrepreneur or small business person trying to make the migration to online marketing reads an e-book, or a blog post, about how important links are and decide to do a little link building. Either they are going the budget route and doing it themselves or they hire a company to do it on the cheap under the guise that those links will appear like natural links. Uhm, guys, if your links are natural then they will look natural. Comprende?

It’s not hard. Actually, link building is fairly time consuming and arduous. But understanding the importance of it isn’t hard. And understand that au natural means more than mere appearances. You aren’t running for Miss America. You’re building your business. So don’t cut corners and don’t try to look like the most beautiful, intelligent, talented woman on the stage. Put the effort in and be the most beautiful, intelligent, talented pageant girl on the stage. See the difference?

Premium WordPress Themes – Link Structure

Most of us consider optimization of links to be mostly about inbound links. While inbound links are important, they aren’t the only links that are important. You also need to optimize your internal links to prevent broken links, good traffic flow, and PR flow.

Now, I’m not necessarily talking about your navigational menu, although that’s a good place to start. You want your links to be good, solid hypertext links, not dynamic links. For instance, those snazzy little drop-down menus on your nav bar? They don’t really help you. Sure, they look cool, but for search engine optimization purposes they are hurting you because they just won’t get crawled.

So step 1 of your link optimization strategy should be crawlability. Any links that don’t get crawled are a big ding in your search engine armor.

Also, be sure to use the proper anchor text for your internal links. That means using keywords that are appropriate for the linking page. And title attributes for your links can increase your optimization efforts as well.

When it comes to on-page optimization, don’t forget your internal links!