Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018 – Multipurpose

Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018Your link building should always be methodical and planned out correctly to acquire a diverse group of one way links pointing to your website. Social media activity is starting to show up in Google webmaster tools so having a focus on branding your business in the social space will be just as important as anything else. Your in-bound link structure should be diverse and robust..

Here my typical link building laundry list:

  • 1. Press releases (PRleap, 888 press release, PRWeb, etc…)
  • 2. Article directories (Associated Content, Ezine Articles, etc…)
  • 3. Niche business directories. (Do your research!)
  • 4. Wiki’s (, wikispaces, etc…)
  • 5. Business related profiles (, Merchant Circle, etc…)
  • 6. Social networking profiles (Twitter, Facebook, etc…)
  • 7. Location Targeting Profiles (Foursqaure, Gowalla, Loopt, etc…)
  • 8. Product reviews (Crowdstorm, Buzzillions, etc…)
  • 9. Video sharing profiles (YouTube, Break, Dailymotion, etc…)
  • 10. Blog comments (Industry related specific blogs)
  • 11. Forum comments (Niche forum communities with links in signature)
  • 12. Chambers of commerce (Go local!)
  • 13. Industry organization websites (It costs some money but it is worth it!)
  • 14. Industry event websites (Become active to build business offline too!)
  • 15. Other niche natural spots (Where are your competitors? Should you be there too?)

Your links should be well rounded and have a strong combination of the above list. Your links should also be targeted so a link sitting on a completely unrelated website will not give you any link building benefit. It will most likely just hurt your websites power if you attempt to connect with an unrelated website simply to acquire a link pointing to your website. Building up your website links is very important to the overall success of a business online. Treat each link as an actual pathway that could deliver a website visitor and not as much as a link to help you increase your rankings. The rankings will happen over time and you can’t speed up the process or you will find yourself cutting corners to get the job done. The search engines need to see a natural type of growth for things to work exactly how they are supposed to. Take a tasteful business branding approach to your link building and you will grow as a business online with a very strong foundation in place.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Trust Is Now More Important Than Ever

Everything online revolves around trust. It is not talked about that often but trust works on both sides of the spectrum. Your website visitors need trust in order to make any sort of contact with your business website and the search engines need to trust you in order to label you as an authority figure in the search engines. There are many ways to develop trust but it truly takes time. There is no cutting corners when developing your trust factor it just sort of happens over time as a business owner.

  • Age: As you spend a great deal of time in the search engines you can naturally start to build up your trust factor in the eyes of your audience and the search engines. Age shows stability in the eyes of the search engines.
  • Linking: When industry leading resources start to quote and link to your website you start to develop trust in the eyes of the audience reading that resource and also the search engines. If you are not a worthy business an industry leading resource will not use you to quote on their website.
  • Branding: This could work both ways but more so for your audience. Position yourself as a strong brand and over time people will look at you as an industry leading brand. A brand instantly builds trust in the eyes of your audience and customer. A fly by night will not spend the time to really build a brand online so make an effort to build up your appearance online.
  • Under Promise Over Deliver: This is a very old business slogan but when done correctly utilizing this mind set will increase your trust factor. Don’t over promise and not follow through because for the long term this will not help you in building and growing your online trust.
  • Build Relationships: Relationship building and trust go hand in hand. Try building relationships in almost any situation you find yourself in. A relationship with the right client or person of interest could lead to significant online activities. When others in your industry start to recommend you or your services in the online space you naturally build up your trust in many ways.

Trust has become a very important attribute to strive for as a business. Trust is what gets other people inquiring and wanting to learn more about your business. It allows for a much smoother sales cycle and process. It is something that is very important for businesses to want to achieve for their own business in order to make things that much more efficient.

Several Link Types That Matter

The holy grail of search engine optimization (besides content and keywords) is the all mighty link. There are many ways to create links to your website it just takes a little time to and energy. Don’t assume you have to only be on industry leading websites to see good results. Links come in many shapes and sizes.

Here are some examples of different relevant links:

One Way Links: A one way link is a link that only points to your website. A good example of this would be putting a link in your social profile, an article or a press release assuming that you don’t link back to them would be a one way link. The big thing that I always preach about one way link building is that relevant link building is marketing. It is about building your brand and reputation in the eyes of the search engines and your visitors. As far as I am concerned a great link source is any type of link that could potentially generate visitors to your website. This could be a press release, article, blog comment, blog post, directory, social networking, natural type of one way link source.

Reciprocal Links: Reciprocal links are links where two parties decide to link to each other. Google has come in and said this is frowned upon but it is still perfectly ok if it happens naturally and unforced. For example if you have a relationship with someone who shares similar business attributes and you would like to put that companies information on your site that is perfectly fine. If you send out massive amounts of requests to link to other websites that is a frowned upon approach, which I do not recommend.

The linking building process should be treated like an ongoing race not a painful task, but a marketing of your business online type of task. As I mentioned in this post that it is always important to take the most tasteful and natural approach possible when it comes to any online marketing effort. As soon as you start to force the process that is when you start to see problems occur with your rankings. The search engines like to see a very natural approach when it comes to marketing, branding and building your online links. If you are building your links and you start to question a certain effort chances are you are approaching an area you might not want to venture into. It is most likely an area that is a gamble and could end up penalizing your website in the long run.